Friday, January 13, 2012

@CSGV Projection

Ladd Everitt, CSGV Comm Dir. (mis)interprets Sebastian TBFKASIH :
Pro-gun activist warns victims of gun violence: "Once your grief crosses over into trying to remove my freedoms and shred part of the Bill of Rights you can no longer claim the right to be left alone."
Since what he actually said had nothing to do w/ 'gun violence', one wonders where Ladd came up w/ that idea. It's simple, he needs to believe anyone w/ a gun will start shooting if they're disagreed w/ or upset in any way. It's what he'ld do in the same situation. That's called projection. Why do I say that? This is the same person who thinks that individuals (especially firearm owners) who disagree w/ the (current) administration should be tried for treason and executed.

Does that sound like someone YOU'D trust w/ a gun?

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Sean D Sorrentino said...

"Ladd Everitt, CSGV Comm Dir. [Deliberately](mis)interprets Sebastian TBFKASIH"

There, I fixed it for you.

I keep telling anyone who will listen that this is easily explainable. The have to save their phony baloney jobs. They are short of cash and are losing badly.

Those who give money only to effective organizations, aren't going to waste their money on a dying cause. These are the big donors. Hasn't someone already pointed out that Joyce has cut their funding to anti-gun groups?

The only group of people that can make up the shortfall is individual donors who are connected in some way to the anti-gun cause. They are just trying to get donations from the Joan Petersons of the world.

Commandment 2 of Brian Anse Patrick's book "The Ten Commandments of Propaganda" is "Reflect the Values and Beliefs of the Audience."

Acting totally insane and paranoid merely reflects the values of the people who would be willing to give them money.