Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Frivoulous Lawsuits

Diagnosed Schizo shoots foreign exchange student in Oregon. Family of victim sues Pawn shop where shooter got the gun, exchange program and dance club where it happened and a bunch of other people.

Their reasoning? The people at the pawn show weren't trained psychologists and should have 'known' the shooter was a danger.

Why don't they sue the state for not submitting medical records to NICS? Or the medical institution that released the shooter? Because groups like those have money to afford really good lawyers.

I understand grief but these suits are just out for money.

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Robert Fowler said...

" Noboa's family says 99 Pawn & Guns, which sold Ayala the gun, should have known that he had a history of mental illness ".

We dealers have nothing to go on except what the FBI tells us during a NICS check. If they tell you to "proceed" than there is nothing in their records to indicate a problem. To sue the dealer is just being vindictive. Looking for the lawsuit lottery. Shakespeare said it best,"First, kill all the lawyers".

hazmat said...

I wrote about this last night. Aside from the pawn shop aspect of this, if Mr. Dangerous To Himself and Others was such a Danger To Himself and Others, why wasn't he locked up?

The other thing that disgusted me about his lawsuit was suing the organization that took the victim to the club. Really? Now we can be held pecuinarily liable for giving someone a ride? Why don't they sue the parents of the victim while they're at it. I mean if they hadn't been born, they wouldn't have been there to get shot, right? At least that's the logic I sensing.