Monday, January 9, 2012

You Can't Keep A Good Troll Down

Ladd Everitt is equally unstable in his latest sockpuppet incarnation on Huffpo:

Right. How dare those bloody Continentals think they can keep their own arms and fight against their rightful king. This is from the same person that claimed I should be executed for treason for disagreeing w/ the current administration.

And this little bit of jealousy is just amusing:

Since CSGV's 'financial gimmicks' (ie merchandising, donations, and other public support) aren't working, they're dependent primarily on Joyce Foundation grants. Think of it this way, I would wager that Sean at NCGunblog sold more ATF shirts than CSGV has total merchandise w/ all their discounts and sales. I've sold hundreds of patches alone. W/ the NRA and 4 million + members, people like to buy things w/ logos on them but membership is a concept that gun control advocates have trouble understanding. They rarely have any.

So how long will it be before 'BayBeauty###' goes into full troll mode and starts 'outing' people again?

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1 comment:

Dannytheman said...

CSGV can not even distinguish between the revenue we as members pay and the Foundation money that we raise supporting Friends events.

Jealous is the only word I can come up, coveting coming in 2nd.