Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dennis Fudging The Numbers

His claim: Thousands Lit Candles Against the Darkness of Gun Violence

Yet none of the photos shown of the 36 'vigils' had more than 50 people, including the photo for the "four events and eight churches which equaled more than 3,300 people" in Ohio. What is show are lots of empty pews. Why do they claim that number?
"Faith leaders asked the participants to remember all victims during their Sunday services."
So those people were there for their regular church service, not specifically a politically inspired 'vigil'.

We're talking 1500 people or less for a nationwide, 'groundbreaking' anti-gun campaign. An impromptu counter protest generated over 100 participants and the annual IGOLD event in Illinois has over 5000 attendees each year.

This is a last gasp for the Brady Campaign and they still can't tell the truth.

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greenmeanie said...

THOUSANDS!!?? REALLY!!?? Maybe using some kind of new Brady Bunch exponential math it it.

Ken said...

More like a failed last attempt to gasp.

Weer'd Beard said...

Also all these vigils and pressers are for what? Brady and Joyce sponsored bills and fundraisers.

What does this have to do with victims of violent criminals?


That's why they hate us!

TheMinuteman said...

If you search youtube for "Too Many Victims", you'll see that our counter protest is right there, second from the top.

As of right now it's showing 6,271 views in 4 days. All of the other gun control related videos weigh in at 3046 views. Total exposure time is 48 days.

Also worth noting is that Our Candles Don't Stop Violence Video has 136 likes and only 9 dislikes.

We are stomping them into the ground turning their own events against them. They are irrelevant whether they realize it or not.

Kerry said...

Unless prayers for the repose of the souls of the dead,innocents and criminals, and for the comforting of those injured and bereaved, and prayers for the conversion of the hearts of those criminals whose hands held the guns, all these candles did was make those holding them feel special.
And all this nonsense about 'gun owners not caring'...Caring cannot be measured. And were this true, gun owners would not aid the innocent, but join in on the shooting.