Monday, April 21, 2008

These must be the same ones to be used in NY...

Australia state bans laser pointers after attacks

High-powered hand lasers, including so-called "star pointers" used by astronomers, would be listed as prohibited weapons in New South Wales state with jail terms of up to 14 years for anyone carrying them without a permit...

The ban will build on planned national importation controls announce by the federal government earlier this month, treating laser pointers like firearms.

These must be the same type that can burn serial numbers into metal bullet casings in microseconds. Obviously they must be because ignorance and knee-jerk reactionism would never be a possibility.

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Anonymous said...

"treating laser pointers like firearms."

"14 years???"

For someone who makes a point of purposely buying every EBR I can afford, now I'm going shopping for a laser pointer. Maybe I can bounce it off a satelite and hit a dumb-ass Aussie politico in the eye.