Tuesday, April 22, 2008

IL Gov can't see obvious patterns.

Take a look at the map here or the numbers here.

Can you see a pattern? Perhaps it correlates to this:

One law enforcement source said a new faction of Gangster Disciples that moved into the area's Englewood neighborhood is vying for control against longer-established members of the gang. In addition to the shootings, home invasions also have escalated, the source said.

On Monday, sources said the Englewood gang dispute was simmering for several months and the warm weather likely sparked the violence.

About 10 of the shootings occurred in Gangster Disciples-controlled areas of the Englewood police district and on the east side of the adjacent Chicago Lawn police district, also in the Wentworth Area.

Many of those victims were affiliated with gangs, police said.

But Rod can't see that. Or at least he choses not to. Instead he replies:

this weekend's violence in Chicago is yet another reason for state lawmakers to enact new gun controls.

So is he ignorant or disingenuous?

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Rustmeister said...

I vote disingenuous.