Thursday, April 24, 2008

A different kind of Ceasefire..

and anti-violence activists:

Tio Hardiman, director of mediation services for CeaseFire, said the group, which is operating on a skeleton staff after it lost more than $6 million in state funding, will attempt to train residents to peacefully resolve potentially violent conflicts, and will ask adult men in high-risk neighborhoods to agree to mentor one child on their block.

"You can change the gun laws all day long, but if you don't chance the mind-set of these young people, it's not going to matter," Hardiman said. "They've already got all the guns they need."

"We believe we shouldn't have to have SWAT come into our neighborhoods when we have able-bodied people who can stand up to this violence," said Rev. Robin Hood of Clergy Committed to Community.

What? Personal accountability and responsibility in Chicago? Obviously they haven't received the memos from Daley and his puppets that any crime in the city is the direct fault of Rural White Males who are shipping in hundreds of assault rifles in the backs of pickup trucks to be handed out in schoolyards.

This on the same day that a piece by Steve Chapman is printed ridiculing Chicago Police Supt. Jody Weis's responses to the weekend's violence, is a clear indicator that the mind control chips implanted in all firearms are finally having the desired effects.


Anonymous said...

I like this snippet...

"Edwards, an auto mechanic and father of three, said he doesn't allow his kids to play outside. Instead, when he can, he takes them to places like restaurants or the movies."

Ya know what Chicago needs?

Batman, only more violent. Do away with Commissionor Gordon and go back to the Original Batman who carried dual .45's on his hips.

I'm probably just kidding, probably.

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered that if a mentally stable person can experience "temporary insanity", that this process could also work in reverse.

Any reason why they lost their state funding? Wait a sec, why the hell are they getting state funding to start with?

Rustmeister said...

Hey, they bus school kids around to protest against guns, what's a little funding?