Thursday, April 9, 2015

Where Are The Shootings

So the Anti's have glommed onto another BS 'study' claiming that 9% of firearm owners are 'Impulsively Angry', ready to shoot up anyone at a moments notice especially if they own '6 or more guns'.  Of course their suggestions are to 'preemptively' confiscate guns and enable discriminatory laws on CCW.

We've already seen those laws in action and the authorities abusing them.

Show me the violence.

70K people at the NRAAM which for 8 years has allowed CCW in all but one location.  No fights, no brawls, no shootings.

Thousands of gun shows each year across the nation.  The number of altercations are so low as not even to register on any crime report as a category.

Hundreds if not thousands of ranges across the nation.  Same as above.

Why are all these mad dog killers in waiting NOT shooting up these places filled w/ other MDKIW's?

 Look at their numbers in context.  Over 500,000 attendees at NRAAM over the last 8 yrs. The authors claim 45,000 of them have anger issues and 500 of them 'carry guns outside the home'. Find an incident.

 Guess what?  I would wager ammo that 'those people' own 6 guns or more more often than not. 

Who the hell are they 'interviewing'?  How many of them are prohibited persons in the first place? 

This is 'science' w/ an agenda.  Conveniently released the same time as the NRAAM possibly in order to give journalistic hacks something to ambush attendees w/ at the show.

This is why firearm owners should never speak to any 'researcher' or 'pollster' because they WILL use it to de-humanize and stereotype firearm owners.

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1 comment:

Sigivald said...

Hell, given that gun shows attract collectors more than anything, really, you'd expect them to be bloodbaths, if 9% of them were really that hot to impulsively murder someone.

And yet actual gunfire at gun shows is so rare it's ... pretty much unheard of.