Monday, April 6, 2015

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The latest broadside in the Hugo Awards (THE SciFi writing award) debacle of the wrong type of fans gathering together to nominate selectees. Long story short, Larry Correia of MHI fame decided he was tired of only a select group of elites choosing who got Hugo awards so decided to start his own campaign.  This is the kind of response he's gotten from those he's dubbed SJW's.  

For those who know Larry, the article is as accurate as the headline and is already being edited. The author's response on twitter AFTER the article was published:

Authorized Journalism in its highest form. 

I got into 'hard' scifi back in my early 20's. I read all the 'professional' magazines and picked up all the 'quality' books.  I stopped because most of them bored the hell out of me especially the Hugo Award winner collections. Because of that experience, I didn't even bother attending the awards when I went to Worldcon in '12.  I knew that I not only wouldn't have read any of the works but likely wouldn't have heard about most of the authors.  Reading more on what's been going on, this statement from one of those who pretty much controls the awards explains it clearly:
#499 ::: Teresa Nielsen Hayden ::: (view all by) ::: March 29, 2015, 03:43 PM:
Why are people talking about what would happen if everyone who reads SF voted in the Hugos? IMO, it’s not a relevant question. The Hugos don’t belong to the set of all people who read the genre; they belong to the worldcon, and the people who attend and/or support it. The set of all people who read SF can start their own award.
If this were a debate on gun control, one would say the anti's were butthurt that a bunch of knuckle-dragging, cousin-humping rednecks dared opine on their consecrated echo chambers.  Larry (afaik) coined the terms 'WrongFan's' having 'WrongFun' to satirize the above attitude toward those SF fans who aren't part of the 'elite'.

Update:  EW has posted a 'correction' and an 'apology' but the article is still there. Amazing what the internet and the threat of lawyers can do.

Update II: Scalzi is butthurt:

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Anonymous said...

I felt the same way about most Sci-Fi. It was all the same bland holier than thou sludge. The stories made no sense, and there were no coherent plots.

Books from one publisher. I try books from other publishing houses about 3-4 times a year, and unfortunately I am usually disappointed. The blurb looks good, but after about two chapters, it gets thrown in the discard pile.

Firehand said...

Wish I could post the picture Correia just did on Bookface:
Scalzi: I wish Larry Correia had the balls to admit the reason he started the Sad Puppies campaign was that he just wanted Hugo so fucking bad.

Correia: I turned down my Hugo nomination and you still didn't make the ballot

Sigivald said...

To be fairer than Scalzi deserves - in this context - he already has a Hugo, from 2013.

(The "racist, misogynistic" thing baffled me.

I looked at the Sad Puppies recommendations, and lo and behold, as they said, there are female authors on it! Lots of them! And at least one [inferring from name and from other people who presumably know the person mentioning it] non-white author.

Given SF's demographics, that might be all you could reasonably ask from a list that self-describes as being about quality of writing rather than checkboxes.

I especially believe they're not doing an ideological filter, because they got a successful nominee for Short in Annie Bellett ... who's a self-described socialist.)