Monday, April 6, 2015

It Gets Even Worse

I did it.  I know I shouldn't have but I did.  It was sitting there.... staring at me.  I knew it was going to be bad but that niggling part of the back of my mind just had to find out 'how' bad. Kind of like when someone tells you something smells bad you just have to take a whiff.

What did I do?

I clicked on a Salon article.  Not just any article but one w/ this headline:

A gun lover sees the evils of gun culture: White supremacists, Obama haters, and me 

Just to give you that same whiff I got:
 But before I let go of my gun forever, I wanted to hold it again and fire it. I wanted to experience the repugnance that a device created solely for the purpose of killing human beings should evoke.  Worse, what if I wasn’t repulsed? I needed to know.
The rest is a continuation of self-reinforcing tripe, stereotypes, and loathing that has become typical of anti-gun 'literature'.  Just enough researched details to make it plausible but there were still things that made me wonder (like calling a gun a 'piece' as "the noun preferred by the cognoscenti" , then I read the author's mini-bio:
Matt Lallo lives in Baltimore, MD, and has written restaurant reviews for the Baltimore Sun and Baltimore Magazine. He continues to write topical articles and short stories.
Yeah, that explained the smell.

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Pyrotek85 said...

lol Salon, sounds legit alright

This is written the way non-gun owners expect gun owneres actually are, id that makes any sense. It's like a parody article.

The Jack said...

Yeah.... Salon's gone to the "Facts? Who needs facts, let's just give chum to our readers."

I'm reminded of the last Salon piece I clicked on with a similar "how bad will it be?"

Did you know that dysfunctional Latin American nations with severe narco-gang problems are exactly what Libertariam is all about?

By this knob's logic Mexico is a libertarian paradise...

Anonymous said...

Question. Was he selling his handguns out of state? He does not name the state he sold his guns in, other than South of PA.

Firehand said...

I actually had a woman tell me that I should move to Somalia, 'since it's the libertarian paradise you want!'

Anony, that was my thought: "My, sir, did you follow all the rules and regulations of the Peoples Republic of Maryland when you sold those guns?"

Sigivald said...

camouflaged sniper rifles set on tripods on the counter so one could see up-close a weapon that can put five bullets into someone’s eye from 1500 yards away.

Are there any civilian snipers, I wondered?

Nobody ever told him hunting is often indistinguishable from "sniping" in terms of firearms.

"Camo" guns are really marketing to hunters.