Saturday, April 11, 2015

Where Are The Shootings? (pt II) NRAAM vs Chicago

So going on day two of the NRAAM and there have been no riots, brawls, or shootings among the tens of thousands of attendees, 9% who are supposed to have anger issues and are armed.

Then there's Chicago over the same time period:

1 dead, 6 injured in separate shootings
The victim was arguing with another male who shot him in the chest 
Two men were wounded in a drive-by shooting in the Humboldt Park neighborhood.....someone inside a passing dark-colored Jeep yelled gang slogans and opened fire, police said.
 The man refused to cooperate with police. 
 an SUV pulled up and someone fired shots, striking him in the face.
Now I'm going to guess that there wasn't a FOID or CCW present in any of these cases nor the shooters owning '6 or more guns'. 

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