Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Anti-Gun 'Grassroots' In Action (Again)

When the money from their sole funder dries up... so do they:
Loop-based KJD Strategies filed the lawsuit against Gun Violence Prevention PAC Tuesday in Cook County Circuit Court, saying the political action committee hasn’t paid the firm the $26,800 it has owed since December 2014.
'GPAC' was funded by one person who dropped $80K into it in 3rd quarter '14 and a handful of others including 'Citizen Action' in 4th quarter'14.  Of that, about half went to pay two people who's job apparently was to write a few checks to candidates including a $26K one to the Brady campaign, a bunch of media sources, and then rip off others when the money ran out.  I wonder how many of those checks bounced? 

This is their 'Grassroots'.

H/T to IL Gunlobby.

Update on funding

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