Saturday, January 17, 2015

What Makes An 'Expert'?

Back in the early 80's, a woman named Patricia Pulling became an 'expert' in the occult after he son committed suicide and she blamed it on D&D.  She gave talks to police agencies, published books, the works.  She also was completely nuts and made up most of her 'facts'

That's the first thing I thought of when I read this article on AR-15's w/ an interview by 'Local Terrorism Expert' Edward Bridgeman, an Assoc. Prof. at the Univ. of Cincinnati.
Bridgeman says the AR-15 is the type of weapon that can do the most damage and be purchased legally in the U.S....
The AR-15 is known for its destruction, not accuracy, Bridgeman said.
"It's not a good sniper weapon but good for laying down a lot of fire down range," Bridgeman said.
If he's got this little knowledge (or bias) on one of the most common firearms in the US, in my mind it puts into question his other bonifides as well. Is he just this blind on AR's or is he incompetent in other areas as well?

So what makes an 'expert' beyond the ability to get themselves in front a camera or reporter?

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Motor-T said...

Not very accurate? That's shocking news!
Who wants to tell The Marines?
How long before the service rifle competitors at Camp Perry find out?

Weer'd Beard said...

Motor-T beat me to it. Odd how a bunch of rank amateurs when it comes to long-range riflery were able to score constant hits on MOVING prairie dogs at 300+ yard ranges with ARs.

Also don't tell all those custom shops that make high-dollar long-range ARs....I guess according to this "Expert" they're just skammers.