Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fear Is The Mindkiller

What drives an anti-gun advocate?  Fear.  Woman walks into a store and sees someone w/ an imprint casually shopping. Her first reaction? He's probably a criminal:
I still don’t know him, and the movie trailers increase. He could be the stalker, searching for his mark. He could be contemplating a robbery, or seeking someone to abduct. He could be an off-duty police officer, or even one that is undercover. He could be paranoid, thinking the world is out to get him or knowing someone truly is. He could be a fugitive, a drug dealer, a rapist or the owner of a sporting goods store. He could be a million things. 
And more evidence of this is stated:
 Frankly, I’m not that interested in his reasons right now. My mind is too busy filtering through the various scenarios that could be taking place.
So she's not interested in reality.  She's not interested in the truth.   She's interested in fostering her own unsupported hysteria. 

There's no reason here.  No logic.  No supporting evidence as much as she tries to blame the law, firearm owners, and legislators for her mental issues.  Just fear and panic like a mindless animal.

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Anonymous said...

These are tragically useless people. Somehow in their minds, the thought that some magical entity or spell will save them from bad things. They are the ones that you will probably see in the midst of a critical event, clicking their heels three times and whispering "There is no place like home."
They are also called Speed Bumps or Zombie Bait.

Anonymous said...

Wait, what?!

It's perfectly reasonable to fear that the printing gent is a terrorist, active shooter, stalker, rapist, Nazi, or kidnapper...

But on the *ahem* offhand chance the person is carrying legally they must be:
-a cop
-under active threat, or
-"paranoid, thinking the world is out to get him"

That little incongruity got past the editors?

Cookie said...

I know several women who carry in a purse. I have never heard or seen any one pat it to let someone know they CCW.