Friday, January 16, 2015

American Sniper Loves .@CSGV

Went out to dinner and a movie w/ the CinC tonight. While we were originally planning on seeing Into the Woods, one of our favorite musicals, when we got to the theatre, they had cancelled the showing for an extra one of American Sniper.  The girl at the counter told me we had missed the rush, that the previous shows had lines out the door. I'm betting a decent part of that is due to the controversy started by Ladd Everitt and his merry band of misfits letting their supporters crap all over the military and Kyle on their FB page (which has seen much, but not complete scrubbing over the last few days). 

The movie was phenomenal.  It drew you into the story and the characters better than most movies I've seen in the last few years.  I don't know how much of the story about Chief Kyle is true and how much he exaggerated and I really don't care.  This is a movie to go see. Probably the best comment I heard while waiting to leave was some younger guys saying "I've never been to a movie before where it was dead silent as everyone left"  The reply: "How else would you leave a movie like that?"

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gorditoax said...

Saw it the other night. The silence through the entirety of the credits was incredible.

Crotalus said...

We just saw it tonight, and the same dead silence occurred here. That says a heap about a movie, IMHO.

drjim said...

Thanks for the recommendation.

I'll try and see it this week.