Monday, January 12, 2015

.@CSGV vs Reality

Big, flashy headline just making you think "Oh those stupid gun owners".

Too bad it's nowhere near the whole story.  The seller of the gun was wanted for armed robbery,resisting arrest, carrying illegally, and in a school zone.   I would wager ammo that if you dug into his past, this isn't his first tangle w/ authorities. To think he would give a crap about 'Indiana's private sale loophole' is the thinking of an ignorant child and/or an unethical political hack trying to score points. 

Take a look at the comments and you can see that there really aren't any other options for the CSGV and their supporters. This is the reality of gun control. Dishonesty, redirection, and obfuscation.

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AndyN said...

Considering they were after him for failure to appear in court after he posted bond the last time he was arrested, I don't think you're going to get anybody to take that bet.

Mr Evilwrench said...

What in hell ever happened to punishing a crime that's actually been committed vs trying to prevent one that hasn't and most likely won't? One thing you can do, the other you can't.