Monday, January 12, 2015

Chicago Tribune Protecting Criminals?

They put out an article on a CPD police alert regarding robberies.  How is that protecting criminals?

Well they included this:
Two or more offenders carried out each robbery, according to the statement. No detailed description of the offenders was available.
Note that.  No detailed description of the offenders was available.

Except there was, as published by another news source:
"About the Offender:
In the incidents on Broadway and Buena, offenders are described as black males wearing black jackets. Additionally on Buena, one is described as being 5'08, 150 lbs, and the other is described as being 5'05, 130 lbs and wearing beige pants.

In the Waveland incident, offender #1 is described as a black male, 5'10-6'00, 150-170 lbs, with a black jacket, while the co-offender is described as being 5'07- 6'00, 150-170 lbs."
So did the Tribune not get the complete release?  Did the editor just not read it?  Or did they not want to be accused of racism for mentioning the that the alleged offenders were 'black males'? 

Hat time to SCC

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Divemedic said...

There is a television station in Orlando that rarely announces the description of the criminals whenever those criminals happen to be black.

Archer said...

Those descriptions are hardly "detailed". They could feasibly apply to 75-80% of "black males" in a given area.

Start describing specific facial features, scars, tattoos, injuries, limps, etc., and it becomes a "detailed description".

Either way, though, I wouldn't consider the CPD to be "protecting criminals" based on this.