Sunday, January 18, 2015

Michael Moore @MMFlint Sees No Difference Between Terrorists & US Soldiers

So the walking talking pile of suet, the same guy who ambush interviewed Charles Heston while Heston was suffering from early Alzheimers, tweeted this about the movie 'American Sniper' and US Navy Seal Chris Kyle:
So US soldiers are worse than cowards in his mind.  That means they're worse than the Charlie Hedbo terrorists by his own words:
Any questions on where his loyalties lie?

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drjim said...

Never any doubt in my mind.....

Sigivald said...

We were taught snipers were cowards.

Did "we" think that about US snipers in WW2?

Well, maybe he did.

(Does he realize that his uncle was killed while he was ... an invader?

Or does that not count because shut up?)