Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Striking a Nerve

Elliot Fineman and his motley group of 'C' list PuSH'ers have a slow learning curve when it comes to interacting w/ pro-rights advocates.  In order to defend against the fact that US crime is down, they brought up the international comparison canard:
Ah.  'Developed'.  So I asked them what that meant, knowing they couldn't answer.  I got 'the list':
All but one a primarily white, European based nation.  Well they got called to task on that and responded w/ another 'list', but still no evidence.

Now most of those nations are 'developed', 'Democratic' yet have much higher crime (including gun crime) than the US and often stricter laws.  So according to Elliot's mob, only White, Democratic countries can have low violence w/ 'effective gun laws' (if you ignore Russia and most of E. Europe). When called on that they got a mite upset:

So when their racist, bigoted meme falls flat, they resort to more character attacks, nonsense statements, stereotypes and ad hominems.  And these are the people that keep demanding we have a 'conversation'.

They later tried to use some stats to 'prove' their point, but all they did was prove they don't know how to use statistics.  They posted a map of US cities compared to a bunch of foreign nations.  I kid you not.

Well all that shows is no correlation of firearm laws in the US to crime. Take a look at Baltimore, MD.
Here's the source data for their international numbers.  Note that when it comes to the rates and %'s of 'gun homicides', most of the map goes neutral as they don't actually have the info. Even the numbers they do have (Brazil, most of Northern South America and Central America) completely destroy their myth.

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Anonymous said...

Moms Demand Action used this map back in June and I perused over it. The stats provided are so off the mark it is not even funny.