Sunday, September 15, 2013

Good, That Was The Point

More butthurt from the gun banners:
Colorado's historic recall of two state legislators who backed new gun restrictions may have national repercussions, as advocates say the effort will make it harder to revive stalled efforts in Congress to tighten firearm laws.
Again, good.
Gun control backers say they have yet to win a single new Senate supporter, and many worry that the muscle shown by pro-gun groups and voters last week in Colorado will make it even harder to find converts.
Like I said, that was the point.  No matter what the 'polls' by anti-gun groups say, the majority of the population do NOT support gun control.  At least the ones that actually pay attention and vote.
"The NRA does its job better than our side does our job," said Jim Kessler, a co-founder of Third Way, which advocates for centrist Democratic policies. "They know how to influence and intimidate elected people."
That 'influence and intimidation' comes through these things called 'members' and 'elections', something the anti-gun groups don't have. The ONLY thing they have is money from Bloomberg, Soros and the Joyce Foundation.

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John Morrison said...

The fact that gun control is considered a "centrist democratic policy" should be a wake-up moment for people...