Monday, September 16, 2013

And The Circus Begins

About the only thing known right now in the DC Navy Yard Shooting is the name/pic of the guy who did it (although several media sources put out the wrong name earlier).

What we DO know is that the anti-gun lobby is furiously emailing/conference calling eachother discussing how to exploit it and what laws they can try and push.

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Archer said...

I'm sure they'll find a way to spin this against the pro-gun culture, but the first few that come to mind are either not applicable (like that's ever stopped them) or currently unknowns:
- "Universal background checks" or "Close the Gun-Show/Private-Sale Loophole" is unknown; we don't yet know who he is, what his background holds, or how he got the weapon(s) used.
- "Disarm mentally ill" is similarly unknown.
- "Assault weapon bans/registration" are mostly n/a; it's Washington-freakin'-DC, fer cryin' out loud!
- "Handgun bans/registration," same as above.
- Restrictions on carry, same as above.
- Expansion of "Gun Free Zones" is n/a for reasons which should be obvious.

I'm confident they'll find something - probably based in lies, damned lies, statistics, and/or raw hystrionics - but off-hand it appears most of the standard talking points don't apply.

Greg Tag said...

News report this evening was that he got an AR from a cop he shot.

Shooter was a Naval Reservist. Anyone want to bet that this was not MAJ Nidal or SGT Hassan, again?

Archer said...

Updated news says there was no AR at all.

Just his legally-purchased shotgun and two pistols he took from dead cop victims along the way.

TS said...

His name and picture are the things I wish we didn't know.