Friday, September 20, 2013


Over on FTF, author Jlgrant put up a post about a severe failure of the firing pin/spring on his SKS following him replacing it w/ one from 'Old Man Murray'(OMM).  JL was not pleased (language alert). 

Well OMM replied and stated it was most likely caused by a 'popped primer' in Wolf ammo. 

Jl is going to do a test.  Original Soviet spring and various types of ammo since he wasn't 100% sure what he was firing.

So place your bets.  Is it the ammo or is it the spring?  Hopefully we'll find out Monday. 

As for me, I'm leaning towards the spring.  I don't know anything about OMM so won't make a judgement on them but I have put hundreds of Wolf rounds through both my Chinese and Soviet SKS's and have never seen a 'popped' primer on any of my recovered cartridges. I know there's lots of Wolf hate out there but they work great in all of my commie guns.

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Roberta X said...

A bone-stock SKS doesn't have a spring on the firing pin, AFAIK. People do the aftermarket versions for fear the tapered, rectangular pin will hang up and cause slam-fire auto.

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