Tuesday, September 17, 2013

CNN and Anti-Gun Advocates, The Perps. Biggest Fans

That's part of a quote from a friend of mine who sent me an email about the CNN article admitting there was no AR used in DC and then going on about how dangerous AR's are. Here's the rest of the email:
man, I couldn't read too much of that.  The BS was literally coming out of the screen.  Ew.  I'm disgusted at how much they're glorifying the violence @_@  They write with such passion about the violence it's revolting!  I know the penis meme is leveled at us, but reading that article (and I didn't read the full thing) I can almost imagine them stroking off to a small idol of the AR-15 while watching the carnage.  *shudder*
I pretty much felt the same way.  They go on and on about how the AR is a 'killing machine' AFTER they state one wasn't used and ALL the initial reports were wrong. No agenda there.

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joethefatman said...

At least I wasn't the only one that felt that way. I thought maybe my reading comprehension was lacking just before I quit reading it.