Thursday, September 19, 2013

SKS/AK Sight Adjustment Tool

Took out my Commie guns last weekend.  I knew the SKS's were way off and had suspicions for the AK. It was.  Using a piece of cloth, tap and mallet, I got all of them horizontally zeroed but didn't have anything that would adjust the sights vertically. I knew that I wouldn't be the only person to have this issue and that someone would have come up w/ something.  A quick google search showed me correct.

Tapco. About $15 through Amazon. There were cheaper ones available but I decided to spend the extra few bucks on a name I knew.   This weekend I'll finish the zero-ing and then take my vengeance out on all those insurrectionist hedge-apples and chestnuts.

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1 comment:

Pyrotek85 said...

Yeah I got something like that for mine. Adjusting them is a real pain in the butt otherwise.