Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Off Message

Watching the intertubes, the anti's seem to be having a real tough time trying to find a meme that will work for the DC shooting.

Seriously, what have they got to work w/?
No AR so no 'Assault Weapon'.
Security clearance on a federal military installation so no 'background check'.
Said installation in DC so a double 'Gun Free Zone' and no Concealed Carry
African American so no 'redneck middle aged racist white guy'.

Some headlines I've seen:
Alleged Navy Yard Shooter’s Troubled Past Forced Him Out Of The Navy, But Didn’t Stop Him From Buying Guns
Again, security clearance on a federal installation. This is the most common theme I've seen, deliberately  ignoring his clearance.
TAKE ACTION America- Sign the TELL And COMPEL Pledge for #SANEGunLaws http://gunvictimsaction.org/tell-and-compel-pledge/
No answer on just what laws though...
Navy Yard Shows Fallacy of NRA's 'More Guns' Solution After Newtown, the gun lobby powerhouse said the solution was armed guards. So what about Navy Yard?
Yet all of their favorite politicians (Obama, Bloomberg, Rhambo, etc.) have bevies of public and private armed guards protecting them and it was armed guards who stopped the shooter. Think how many would be gone had there NOT been security there.
This Year Is on Track to Set Another Grim Record in Mass Shootings Washington Navy Yard marked the fifth such tragedy since Newtown. Yet gun-rights advocates remain in denial.
Combined w/ not a single one of these attacks was stopped by an armed civilian. shows just how desperate they are to find ANYTHING that will stick to the wall since every single incident was in a

*Drumroll Please*

Gun Free Zone w/ no 'armed civilians' allowed.

Not that this will stop the PuSH'ers from lying, misdirecting, throwing whatever crap against the wall they think might stick, they are fanatics through and through.

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Erin Palette said...

Not that we should ever stop fighting, but I took it as a very good sign that even at the height of post-Sandy Hook hysteria, they couldn't pass a single gun control bill.

That the Colorado Recall elections succeeded only reinforces that point. We ARE winning -- we just need to keep at it.