Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Victim vs Survivor

Joan Peterson, Brady Campaign Nat'l Board member, believes any 'attack' on anti-gun advocate and Brady Campaign employee Colin Goddard is 'classless' because he's a 'victim'. Apparently not being killed gives him a universal shield for political activism due to his 'victimhood'.

I disagreed. Since he's gone far outside of the realm of the issues behind the VT shooting, he's opened himself up to criticism and attacks, just like any other political advocate.

So then another professional anti-gun advocate '@everygun' pipes in regarding Kurt Hoffman (after claiming Goddard was a 'combat veteran'):
Neither is his attacker's "paralysis."
Note the word paralysis in quotes. For those who don't know, Kurt(45Superman) IS paralyzed due to a car accident some years ago and is a REAL veteran. Never have I seen him use it as a reason for him not to be criticized or attacked nor have I ever seen him use it as a way to gain sympathy. He does use it as a reason why he (and others) should be allowed to defend himself in the most effective way possible. Goddard is not a 'veteran' in any way however he did lie about his military service.

But Anti's don't care about that. They only care that their golden child is being criticized. They need to use victimhood as a shield because otherwise they would be forced to deal w/ their own issues.

As the discussion continued, @everygun then began to claim only airports are true 'gun free zones' and that schools should have the same level of security, (dozens of armed guards, rentacop security forces, dangerous scanners, strip searches, gropings, etc) while denying that TSA abuses have occurred since it hasn't happened to them (yet).

These people need serious mental care.

Some screencaps for those blocked:

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TL671 said...

Damn, not wasting any time are you. I was just reading this thread of comments a minute ago.

Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

Thanks for the backup. I do believe poor Everygun is having something of a crisis.

John Richardson said...

I have to admit I was fried when I read that comment by "Everygun". It just illustrates just how classless our opposition really is.

ddbaxte said...

Is there a screenshot? "Sorry, you are not authorized to see this status."

Weer'd Beard said...

+1 Kurt could even stand to take a LOT more credit for his resume and his affliction, but he doesn't.

Probably because he was raised properly he doesn't realize how easy playing the victim card, or the "You have no right to talk unless you've served" card comes to so many.

BTW been catching up on Everygun's tweets, yeah he's having some issues right now.

Kinda interesting how antis seems to go through manic phases where they'll be quiet or subdued for a period, then suddenly wild-eyed and vicious for a time before vanishing again.

Guy Cabot is the best example, and one of the more extreme cases. He'll disappear for MONTHS and then spam every blog and message board with threats and insults for a few days, then radio silence.