Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Dan Gross, Brady Campaign President: Then & Now

Today is inauguration day for the new Brady Campaign President, Dan Gross. So far he's had an inauspicious beginning.

I'm guessing that Mr. Gross is an acolyte of President Obama. Remember when then Sen. Obama said he wasn't going to run? Here's what Mr. Gross had to say in September 2011 on 'political activism':
political activists (of which I am very decidedly not one)
Just months later he was hired as, you guessed it, the head of a political activist group.

One also wonder what he hopes to accomplish as he's already pretty much resigned to what he considers to be the status quo:
the fact that there are already estimated to be more than 200 million guns in homes across America, there is very little that we can do to prevent the random madman from getting a hold of one and wreaking terrible havoc.
So is the Brady Campaign going to focus exclusively on 'youth violence' or are Mr. Gross's words nothing more that 'advertising', capable of changing in a moments notice to draw in suckers donors for his new club?

We'll see.

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