Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Illinois Anti-Gun Bills Out of Committee

From the head Illinois Joyce puppet, Mark Walsh, ICAHV:
both HB 5831(The Certificate of Handguns Registration Act ) and HB 5167 (The High Crime Trauma Center Grant Fund )passed the (Executive)committee on a partisan roll call and are now headed to the full House of Representatives.
Translation: Every POS Chicagocrat voted for the bills. Every Republican voted against them.

. Walsh thinks that he has grassroots support and that it was 'calls and e-mails' that did this. He's FOS. These bills went to a biased committee w/ a zero chance of being rejected and will be smashed on the floor.

Make your voices heard people.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

As much as I would like to believe these bills could be smashed, whatever Rahm wants he gets. He was inserted in Chicago by Obama to advance his utopian socialist empire. What happens in IL will be coming to a city near you. Its more than just another hidden tax, Obama and his cronies have no respect for the constitution as it runs counter to their marxist dogma. The last thing they can tolerate is an armed public opposition. Governor Quinn serves at Rahm's pleasure and IL is dominated by the Chicago democratic machine - the most corrupt gaggle of political whores in the country.