Monday, February 27, 2012

@CSGV's Double Standards

Ladd Everitt, Comm. Dir. of the CSGV on Starbuck's FB page (where he is being paid to regularly spam):
Despicable. Four kids are laying in hospital beds right now in Ohio, one of them fighting for his life, and you're using it to score points on here right now?
Minutes before, on CSGV's Twitter Feed
The tragedy at Chardon High School is unique to the U.S. No other high-income nation has a gun death rate anywhere near ours. #p2 #NoMoreNRA
And shortly after his FB comment:
@Emily_Justine Sadly, it might be b/c these types of threats & gun porn have become so common in U.S. See @Starbucks FB page. #p2 Chardon
There are many more tweets attempting to exploit the tragedy while at the same time he's continuing to attack people on FB trying to blame Starbucks for this. So who's trying to 'score points' again? Could it be the paid, 'professional' anti-gun advocates who claims that people who oppose his agenda are 'running around in the woods w/ anti-gov't militia's'?

We see who's truly 'despicable' and 'sick' here. They have no morals or ethics in their agenda to ban guns. This is the leadership of the anti-gun movement in action.

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