Friday, January 6, 2012

'Common-Sense' Gun Control in Canada

OTTAWA -- The federal government is cracking down on a small game rifle, saying it was inappropriately classified as a non-restricted weapon....

Owners of the Armi Jager AP80 .22-calibre rifle received a letter from the RCMP in December saying the registration certificates for the firearm would be revoked and they had a month to dispose of their weapons - with no compensation.

As of Dec. 20, the once legally owned gun would be classified as prohibited.
The Canadian courts determined it was 'functionally similar' to the banned Mitchell AK-22 which is an 'AK-47 variant'.

But they make exceptions in the law for these BY NAME:

The Valmet M78 Semi-auto (7.62x39, 7.62x51, 5.56x45)

the Valmet M88 Hunter (.223, .243, .308)

Both are 'AK-47 variants' and much more 'powerful' than a .22lr. Does that make ANY logical sense?

No, because gun control laws are stupid and arbitrary. Decisions and actions in their defense are based on ignorance and fear. So every time they do, we shine a light on it and show the world just what 'gun control' is really about. It's not 'safety' or 'crime' or 'violence', it's about control, projection and fear.

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Weer'd Beard said...

.22 Rifles that look like military rifles are VERY VERY dangerous, as they are safe and easy to teach new shooters the basics of fun and responsible target shooting and gun handling, and given that they may look and operate similar to the guns seen in movies and video games, and while they are less powerful are indeed "Real Guns" this is a MAJOR threat to those who wish to eradicate the gun culture of Canada.

Matthew said...

How nice of the anti-gunners of Canada to give us a fresh example of how registration lists, even on their deathbeds, are inevitably arbitrarily manipulated into confiscation lists.

It provides yet another and more recent example to bring up when our own gun banners start talking about how "nobody wants to ban your guns" and "registration is harmless and reasonable".

That they are .22 "assault weapons" and thus scary only in the mind of a hoplophobe is just icing on the cake.