Monday, January 2, 2012

Gun Show SCORE!!

The New Years show went pretty well. Made a few bucks, got to talk to some folks I haven't seen in awhile and oogled many pretty toys. The fastest sellers for me were socks. There was zombie ammo there and several Saiga shotguns.

Saturday had a promoter come through w/ flyers for his shows in Effingham, IL. The next one's in Feb. I'll be trying to get some tables for that one and see how I do.

The big event for me came on Sunday. A friend of mine who's been talking about a safe of guns he inherited from his father for years came by to see me. The issue has been he never had the combination and had lost the serial number #. Well, he found it and asked if I would sell the majority of the collection for him. I went over to his house after the show to see what he had. This is what first came out:

A heavily beaten up Remington 550-I, held together w/ string. "Oh No" is what was going through my head. Then he pulled out this:
A near mint Ruger 10/22. Better. Next up:
A pair of Winchester Model 1894's. The bottom one is from 1913 and chambered in .30WCF. The top on is from 1918 in .32WS. Both are fully functional.

Then came the handguns. A little Rohn RG38 (SOLD)started those out:

Two Rugers after that:

A Security Six in .357 Magnum (SOLD)

and a Vaquero in .45. (SOLD) Then came a real headshaker:

A COP 4-barrel derringer in 38spcl/.357mag. Cool. More photos: (SOLD)

I'm so tempted to keep that one just for the novelty. Definitely have to fire it at least.

So this was a profitable show. All of these are for sale. I'll probably take the handguns to a FFL just because of the hassle of shipping and the 3-day waiting period in Illinois even for shows. The longguns will be on the table. If my readers are interested in any of the above, contact me at : I will adhere to all local, state and federal laws.

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Weer'd Beard said...

the COP is certainly an odd duck. It isn't good for much, and evidently quite miserable to shoot.

But still its so bizarre, and rare there's a lot of demand for them.

Always awesome to pop open an old gun vault.

chiefjaybob said...

Email inbound. I'm interested in the SS.

Paul Rain said...

I know the Rohm's have always been knocked, but I really can't see how even the men who grew up fighting the Germans saw them as worse than the Raven/Jennings item. That RG38 looks like a nice piece.