Friday, January 6, 2012

Big Brother Wants YOU.....

to be an informant in NJ.

Nice idea. Bad execution.

It's like the challenge I've made to Jesse Jackson, Snuffie Smith and Al Sharpton:
Sure, I'll support more gun laws for you, as soon as you have your congregation write the names of every family member and neighbor that belongs to a gang and has a gun hidden on a sheet of paper. Let me know when you're done and we'll hold a joint press conference to name names and start to really bring the cycle of violence to an end.
My question is what are the authorities going to do w/ these anonymous 'tips'? Is SWAT going to bust into people homes and start shooting family pets based solely on the call? That's what's most likely going to occur as people just start calling to report anyone who happens to own a gun or that they just don't like.

We'll see.

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RauĆ°bjorn said...

Sounds reminiscent of The Terror or the Purges during every communist takeover ever.

However, it's not like this is a new program. It's been in place since at least June of 2009.

Robert Fowler said...

New Jerksky, making blood in the streets a reality.

Chas said...

Police in Albany, New York shot an armed, convicted criminal gangbanger the other day when he pulled a gun on them. 800 at the gangbanger's funeral - he was a popular criminal. Lots of anger at the cops though.
Every one of those people at the funeral would say that they support more gun control, but they had no problem with a career criminal gangbanger being loose on their streets with a gun.
Some people have a reason for focusing exclusively on guns. They want to keep the heat off of their own. Who are those people? Who are they?
No comments allowed there - the political correctness of the liberal Times Union shall not be challenged. One way communication, just like Pravda in the Soviet Union, but don't call them communists because they don't like it.