Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Minor Wording Details"

Just as Obama dismissed wording that banned single-shot and Dbl barrel shotguns in the IL Senate, it just follows the pattern of "Assault Weapon Bans" throughout the nation as well as Illinois. It also shows that it takes people who actually know what they're talking about to make them fix it.

For example. California and copycat Denver both banned the "Encom CM-55" and "H-93" firearms. Neither of which existed. California fixed the typos in later modifications to the law while Denver just deleted the entire section of specific firearms (38-130 H ) after a lawsuit upheld the ban but told them to drop the list when many didn't fit the 'generic" definition.

McCarthy et al prove that they really have no clue what their talking about when they want to ban "things that go up" while Kennedy talks about banning 30.30 Winchester as "armor peircing ammo".

Intelligence tests are illegal for voting. How about ones for running for office?


Don Gwinn said...

Hey, the public really has no interest in owning Incom products. Those people developed the X-Wing Fighter, and those things have no sporting purpose; even whomp-rat varminters don't need more than a T-16.
I've said it before: X-Wing and Y-Wing fighters have no place on our streets.

The Conservative UAW Guy said...

"I've said it before: X-Wing and Y-Wing fighters have no place on our streets."



Michael Hawkins said...

"First they came for the guns that don't exist ..."

Anonymous said...

At least my "Plasma Rifle in the 40Watt range" hasn't been banned yet.