Monday, January 2, 2012

"I'm a Gun Owner Butt..." #567

Classic Fudd can't see the forest through the trees. Drops membership in his local club because they now require NRA membership. The main reason they did this?
That audit could also be useful in addressing neighbors' complaints about shooting at the gun club. Wescott said the club has gotten "numerous complaints" since the nearby Cross Hill neighborhood was developed. He noted that the club operated for decades before the development brought in hundreds of residents.
But that's not good enough for Elmer. The NRA is 'extreme':
lobbying to block laws that would restrict high-capacity ammunition magazines and semi-automatic guns, which he believes are useful only for shooting people.

By contrast, he said, rifles are "sportsmen's guns and not guns for shooting people."

So he's willing to throw millions of guns and gun owners he doesn't like under the bus as long as he can keep his 'sportsmen's guns'. Like the Remington 700. Here's what Rebecca Peters, former ED of IANSA has to say to him:
“I’m sad for you. I suppose if you miss your sport, take up another sport. Take up a sport that does not require a weapon invented for the sole and specific purpose of killing another human being.”
But this line tells the whole story:
He said he hasn't been a very active member of the club, but enjoys the occasional chance to shoot and the club's social aspects.
Yep. That's it right there. Wonder how many work days he attended to help keep the place up? He wants to have the club there for his convenience but he doesn't want to do anything that will improve it or help it survive. IOW, he's a huge 'Gun Owner Butt', more of an @ss really. Good thing groups like the NRA, SAF and ISRA are there to do the heavy lifting for him.

More on this twit at Weer'd's (who was a hair slower on the uptake ;) )

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John Richardson said...

Mr. Roos also donated the full legal amount - $2300 - to Barack Obama in 2008 according to the Federal Elections Commission donor database. Hmmm.

Weer'd Beard said...

Damit! I was JUST working up a post on this story! You scooped me right in my own backyard!


Great post!

Weer'd Beard said...

Thanks for the link! I LOL'd!

Sebastian said...

I certainly agree he's an ass, butt you might want to check the title :)

Unless it's a joke, in which case good show.

Thirdpower said...


Yes, it's a play on words.