Monday, November 7, 2011

More From 'Citizen Dave'..

The former mayor of Madison, WI and MAIG member has this to say about the millions of people who legally carry firearms:
they're scared, paranoid or have some kind of Superman complex.
Sebastian TBFKASIH calls him a 'fraud', not a Fudd. I call him both. He is typical of your gun control elitist. He has no problems throwing millions of other firearm owners 'under the bus' as long as he can keep his TWO (count 'em), TWO guns. One of which being an intermediate sniper rifle in a military caliber. Then he can have his private 'sportsman' club where he can keep his guns locked up there and never have to worry about all the unwashed masses having the same privileges as him.

UPDATE: And reader DYLAN! notes that 'Dave' also believes anyone who wants to protect themselves in an urban area is obviously racist. That must explain why MAIG co-founder and former Chicago Mayor Daley demanded 24/7 taxpayer funded security even after he retired.

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Dylan! said...

Don't forgot he thinks anyone who wants to provide for their own safety in big cities is a racist too:
"this woman's concern is a reflection of what much of small-town Wisconsin believes about our state's biggest city, and I don't think I'm out of line to suggest that a lot of that has to do with race."

Thirdpower said...

Just like Former Chicago Mayor Daley (and MAIG co-founder) who demanded 24/7 city funded security even after he retired.

Weer'd Beard said...

A Fraud is the alleged "Gunsmith and Target Shooter" who wrote an editorial about "bullet clips" and other such foolishness that anybody who knows how to field strip a gun would know.

This guy I have little doubt has killed ducks and deer and other such critters, but only sees guns as playthings of the rich and famous is both a Fudd and an anti-rights cultist.

I'm sure he doesn't burn through more than a few boxes of ammo a year, so throwing in a few hundred dollars and lots of crazy paperwork to keep his status symbols isn't an issue.

For those of us who understand the second amendment, we know what he's doing.

Tango Juliet said...

It's difficult to discern whether people like "Citizen Dave" are simply everyday elitists or they're projecting their own personal ineptitude onto others.

Either way it makes them feel better about themselves. It goes without saying that "feelings" are what drives these folk.