Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ID this Sniper Rifle

Since our buddy 'CitizenDave', former Mayor of Madison, WI and MAIG member thinks firearms should be a hobby of the rich elite and that his 'legitimate hunting rifles' has nothing in common w/ 'military firearms', let's take a look at what he owns.

Can anyone ID the rifle in this photo? What kind of military action was it designed off of?

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Wolfman said...

By Golly, I bet its a two lug front locking bolt action rifle. That hearkens back to the 98 Mauser, deadly in the hands of Germans, and tracing its lineage to the 93-96 Mauser, adopted by many nations, and often serving as a National Guard arm for many of them until the 50's. What are the odds it is chambered in .30-06 (ZOMG MILITARY CAL), .308 WCF (ZOMG... UH, DITTO) or .300 Win Mag (THE HORROR! LONG RANGE MILITARY SNIPER RIFLE). Yawn... he's hosed just like the rest of us.

LPF said...

Hard to ID the gear from such a fuzzy photo, but that large scope and military style sling certainly means it is a "High Powered Sniper Rifle" unfit for civilian ownership. And even if the firearm was suitable for civilians, the look on the face of the man holding it: sheer GLEE at just having taken a life, definitely means he is not a man of suitable temperament to be a lawful owner.