Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Stupid Gun Control Idea #985

I know, 'stupid' and 'gun control' in the same sentence is redundant but this winning strategy always makes me giggle when I hear it:
If Americans want to cripple the NRA, we need to mount a membership campaign, urging millions of our fellow citizens to join the NRA, and then voting into office reasonable people who would be willing to work with congress and the states to enact reasonable gun ownership laws. In other words, co-opt the NRA and drive the right-wing loonies out of power.
Now in reality land, an average voting tally for the NRA board is about 100K give or take and you have to be a 5yr+ or life+ member to even be eligible.

Anti's can't even get 100K people to join their OWN organizations total, never mind convincing that many or 'millions' to join the NRA and take it over.

No wonder they haven't had a significant victory in over a decade.

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Steve said...

Isn't that what the AHSA was? We need a special edition of Where Are They Now.

Given the great successes anti-gun groups are having raising money, I'm sure they'd have no problems getting enough money out of their new membership to make up for that lost by everyone who would leave their new NRA.

I just posted on this piece, too. Common sense is something the antis are in short supply of.

Dannytheman said...

With the additional membership money of, say 125 dollars over 5 years, from one million new members?

That would move the membership to way over 5 million. I think we could make all the changes to the laws we needed in that first 5 years. LOL.

I always tell my on again off again NRA member friends, we could have anything we wanted if we were 10 to 15 million strong!

Weer'd Beard said...

It would be nice to see the half-dozen starry-eyed idealists actually stroke the check for a membership...or if they can actually READ cut one for the full life membership.

Their money will go to pay for safety training programs, and the NRA gun range, the convention, and suing anti-right states to repeal laws that disarm lawful citizens.

Oddly enough they'll be taking steps to reduce violent crime for once in their lives!