Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's All They Have Left

Sebastian (TBFKASIH) states in regards to another feelgood post by MAIG strategist Cliff Schecter:
While it is good for our movement that the supply of reasonable people on the other side is in precipitous decline, when you’re a blogger, you start feeling like you’re just refuting the same, tired mischaracterized arguments over and over again. I’ve seen dozens of Cliff Schecters over my nearly five years as a gun blogger, and while I can appreciate that feeling superior to your fellow Americans is a powerful motivator for our opponents, it’s tiresome. Ultimately the Schecters of the world either have to start acting like intelligent, reasonable people, or face being ignored in political obscurity. Their inability to make quality arguments I believe has played a role in the decline of gun control in this country. As a shooter and Second Amendment supporter, I am glad for that. But it certainly doesn’t make it easy to run a blog about gun policy when the only arguments you ever get to refute are ridiculous and clownish.
I agree. One of the reasons we don't see many quality arguments anymore is that the majority of people who could make them were not 'true believers' in gun control but were professional 'guns for hire' who moved on to greener pastures. A prime example of this is Peter Hamm. Now that the main stream media no longer controls the info-sphere, their core arguments themselves, no matter how well portrayed, have been shown to be fabrications and mis-characterizations.

On Cliff, he is a prime example of those that need to feel smug and superior to others and use cartoon-ish characterizations of firearm owners that they've created to do so. I mean really, he creates some utopian aliens so he can continue to justify his own pre-concieved biases and bigotry. How pathetic is that?

And I also agree w/ Sebastian that having to club people over the head when they try and portray semi-auto's as 'machineguns' gets old. And it's not just coming from their shrinking rank & file, but their leadership as well.

The advantage it gives us though is, while repetitive and at times boring, it keeps giving us the opportunity to show just how the entire mythos of gun control is ridiculous and dishonest.

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