Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The NRA Boogey-Man

The AZ Daily Star journalist puts out a fairly balanced report on 'Fast & Furious'. That is until it comes to the NRA, which of course had little to nothing to do w/ breaking the story.
A gun-control conspiracy?

What's missing in the Watergate comparison is a clear motive for the Obama White House to send weapons to Mexico. The National Rifle Association and its allies have filled that void with a theory that, in Babeu's words, Fast and Furious was part of a "master plan" to bring about more gun control.
Oh that's right, the 'NRA and its allies'. The NRA controls all in the gun control world.

So who does he quote in response? Robert Spitzer, who pulls out the 'It's the NRA's fault for limiting the ATF so much' argument.

They either ignore or are unaware of the handy little e-mail from ATF officials stating they were going to use it to push for long gun reporting.

Oops. So it is a 'conspiracy'. One w/ evidence from the perpetrators themselves as they conspired to gain more power for their organization by any means necessary.

As usual, when it comes to the NRA, even when they have little or nothing to do w/ an event or situation, just the very name makes journalists @ssholes pucker and go completely irrational.

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