Monday, October 31, 2011

We All Know What Comes Next

Study says more guns being stolen

And they're not even being subtle about it:
More guns are being stolen each year, with a significant number going missing because their owners failed to take proper security precautions, a new study reveals.
It's the OWNERS fault the guns got stolen, not the criminals, so they're the ones who get punished and even MORE restrictions are going to be enacted.

And that's the kind of world gun control advocates want for the US w/ 'safe storage' laws.

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Alan said...

Oh hell no.

greenmeanie said...

"Safe strage" my a$$! I lock my doors and turn on my alarm system. How many MORE layers of security is enough for the grabbers!!??

Braden Lynch said...

Clearly they want you to encase your firearms in plexiglass so that they are inoperable. Then all you can do is hang them up as artwork.

They won't do too much good for you when you need them for self-defense and that is just what they want.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Samantha Bricknell says that most rapes occur because women fail to properly secure their privates...............