Tuesday, November 1, 2011

New Way To Screw Oak Park, IL Firearm Owners

Having had their longstanding handgun ban overturned as unconstitutional and seeing how Chicago has gotten reamed trying to snub their nose as SCOTUS, Oak Park decided to try a new tact, send their gun restrictions through their 'Department of Public Health'.

IOW, they're going to make training and storage requirements so ridiculous that it amounts to a defacto gun ban for the majority of its citizens and they'll waste thousands of taxpayer dollars defending it.

No surprise they're getting advised by the Joyce Foundation Funded 'Legal Community Against Violence'.

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J.R. said...

Lock that government behind bars, they're only interested in the safety of criminals, just like Chicago.gov. They will act in contempt of SCOTUS until they draw their last free breath.

Linoge said...

Which is proof, yet again, that any of the many anti-rights organizations that claim they are not in support of gun bans are, in fact, lying.

Oh, sure, they may not support explicit, absolute, legislative bans (may not - most of them signed on to the defense of the DC and Chicago bans), but they sure as hell want to make it damned impossible to actually own a firearm.