Sunday, September 11, 2011

Why Rep Dold (IL-10) Is Marked By The Brady Campaign

Recently, the Brady’s announced that they would be dropping $30K of their ever decreasing funds into trying to convince him to support a national standard capacity magazine ban.

The other day I found out why. From Dennis “I Forgot the People” Henigan’s latest Huffpo screed which I mentioned here, it turns out Dold is one of the only GOP’ers to support the elimination of Due Process in the name of ‘Combating Terrorism’. Looking at his grades/endorsements from the last election (he replaced RINO Mark Kirk BTW) he got a (?) from the NRA so he never returned his questionnaire and was NOT endorsed by the ISRA.

So the Brady's figure they have a chance at convincing him to support more gun control since he is giving the appearance of being another RINO.

So again, if you are in IL-10, you need to contact Rep. Dold and ask him to withdraw his co-sponsorship of HR1506 and if he doesn't, as why he supports secret Gov't watchlists and lack of due process.

650 Dundee Rd., Suite 380
Northbrook, IL 60062
Phone: (847) 272-0404
Fax: (847) 272-6060

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