Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Guns For Thee But Not For Me

It's official, former Chicago Mayor Daley, co-founder of MAIG, who spent much of his career and millions of tax payer dollars trying to keep citizens disarmed, is being assigned, at tax payer expense, a detail of three full-time, armed CPD officers for him and his wife.

Provided by current Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual who is continuing the expenses of doing everything he can to keep guns out of the hands of the law-abiding.

Welcome to the mindset of gun control advocates.

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Anonymous said...

Rahm seems to want less police on the streets as well. Gotta cut money from the essentials to feed the Chicago machine right?

Chas said...

Who is going to be unprotected by those officers while they're babysitting Daley? Everyone else in Chicago.
Let Daley carry his own gun, instead of burdening the taxpayers and the police with having cops carry his gun for him. Yes, he will look like a hypocrite for opposing CCW for everyone else while carrying a gun himself, but having someone else carry his gun for him already makes him a hypocrite, doesn't it?