Thursday, September 15, 2011

Copy/Paste Advocacy

How can anti-rights advocates get the word out? By Copy/pasting news articles supporting gun control and sending them in as 'Letters to the Editor'.

No, I'm not kidding. An individual signed Jerry W. Doyle took a WaPo article,itself little more than a rehashing of a Brady Campaign press release, and sent it in, w. only a few changes, to various papers.

There's your 'grassroots' in a nutshell.

H/t to reader Bergerjd

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Chas said...

They don't need grassroots to do that; they just need software.

HerrBGone said...

Are their grass roots injection molded, extruded or woven fibers? I'm really not sure exactly how they make AstroTurf!

Linoge said...

Given how much "gun control" extremists hate various other rights, it is no great surprise they have no respect for intellectual property...