Monday, September 12, 2011

Another Illegal Mayors Push-Poll

So a bought and paid for poll , this time on Concealed Carry Reciprocity, produces another pre-determined result w. loaded questions that can be touted by other bought and paid for gun control groups w/ no actual membership or grassroots support.

Like this question:
Currently states can decide for themselves who can carry concealed guns. Congress is considering a proposal requiring a stateto honor concealed gun permits from all other states, even from states with less strict permit requirements. People with a concealed gun permit from one state could carry a concealed gun in states across the country. Do you favor or oppose this
l ' ?
Oh yeah, like they're not looking for particular answers.

The whole thing is designed to take advantage of distrust towards DC (as was shown in the authors' initial paragraphs) and outright ignorance over CCW laws. But what else should we expect from those who repeatedly have proven they are either ignorant or lying? Especially when they are running scared.

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Weer'd Beard said...

Because we're having so much trouble with CCW holders from Arizona, and New Hampshire, and Pennsylvania, et al.

Oh and weren't the antis from Philly trying to close the Florida Loophole, where people where getting around the ILLEGAL Philly restrictions by getting a Florida Non-Res permit which is a more intensive license.

Chas said...

Bloomberg is trying to preserve his dignity. If reciprocity passes, he knows that his PSH level will be so high that he'll be wearing Depends. His whole "gun control paradise" scam will collapse, although it may have already. With 67 people shot in New York City over the Labor Day weekend, the value of Mayor Mike's MAIG fraud has dropped substantially. He doesn't look like the expert on the gun control issue that he's paid a lot of money to make himself out to be. Instead, he looks like an ignorant fool.
CCW works, Bloomberg's gun control scam has not.