Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Ah-ha moment

Like most everyone else, I thought it a bit crass for the Brady Bunch to use the 10th anniversary of 9-11 to push for closing the "terror gap." I make it no secret that I hold the BC in low regard, but even this was a bit over the top for them.

Then it hit me.

The Brady Bunch was HOPING and PRAYING that an attack would occur and that that attack would involve firearms. I'd bet my bottom dollar that when Dennis posted his disregard for Due Process on 9-10-2011, he had a follow-up post waiting in the wings in case his wet dream came true.

In one respect, the Brady Bunch is harmless and my favorite play thing. In another, they are the sickest entity I've ever encountered and I can't determine exactly what line they wouldn't cross to achieve their ultimate agenda.

In short, the Brady Bunch exemplifies the only true value of the "Terrorist Watch List."

1. Keep an eye on them.
2. Gather evidence and build a case.
3. Expose and prosecute when warranted.
4. Totally ignore otherwise.

They are innocent until proven guilty...and so are we.

Our advantage is that they, through their own words, confess their contempt for the law of the land every time they open their face flaps.

We observe, build a case and confront.

That is why we win.

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1 comment:

Old Jarhead said...

Truth, Kaveman. Very good observation, and you are most probably correct about Henigan having a piece waiting in the wings. I wonder how disappointed he was that the incident never occurred?

These vultures just have no class.