Monday, February 7, 2011

NSSF Fires Back at IL Senators

IL Senators Dick Durbing(D) and Mark Kirk(Rino), both longtime gun ban supporters, sent out a letter in support of BATFE nominee Andrew Traver, another bat-sh!t crazy gun banner out of Chi-town.

In said letter, they claim NSSF leadership thinks Traver is just the bees knees. Not so much:
Yet from reading the release and corresponding letter to the President of the United States, one would easily be misled to conclude that America’s firearms industry fully endorses Mr. Traver’s nomination. The industry does not — NSSF has taken no position on this nomination.

Hmm. Gun 'Control' making contrived statements pretending they have more support than is really there. Kind of like the oft touted poll by Bloomburg claiming NRA members want more gun control. Just 'taint there.

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Kurt "45superman" Hofmann said...

From the Durbin/Kirk presser:

ATF has been without a Senate-confirmed Director since 2006 . . .

Whenever I see a statement along those lines, I like to point out this little graph, showing violent crime plummeting since 2006. Like I said: "I oughta write a book: 'Less Unconstitutional Gun Law Enforcement Agency Administrative Bureaucracy, Less Crime.'"

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