Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Elliot Fineman : Target Shooters are Terrorists

Even though he runs a 'D' list anti-gun group, he's still a fount of posts. From the same guy who stated that jaywalking is morally equivalent to serial murder/rape comes this dredged up topic:
Along with its partners, NGVAC is now calling for a legislative ban of TrackingPoint firearms and any other guns that use smart scopes from the civilian market.
“A no-skill, can’t miss weapon that will kill from 1,200 yards away? Insurrectionists, terrorists and hate groups thank you, TrackingPoint,” NGVAC said on its website.
Yep.  Fancy, hyper-expensive scopes are only for terrorists.  This is similar to Josh Sugarmann's VPC calling for all scopes, stands, etc to be banned as 'sniper weapon accessories'.

Now if you think about it, this is what THEY imagine that the guns will be used for.  Certainly telling as to their mentality.

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