Sunday, September 7, 2014

Two Tales of a Protest

The Brady Campaign and the violent insurrectionist Father 'Snuffy' Phleger, held a 'protest' against lawful activity and civil rights yesterday w/ about 120 people. 

In response about the same amount of pro-rights activists showed up to support local businesses and the COTUS.

Now look at how this was reported in the media.
From CBS:
About 200 protestors and counter-protestors were outside Chuck’s Guns in south suburban Riverdale Saturday morning, the site of frequent protests because of the number of firearms the shop sells legally and which end up being used to commit crimes in Chicago.
A good, balanced article w/ quotes from both sides. 

Then there was ABC:
A march and rally helped launch a new effort Saturday to cut down on gun crimes by going after so-called "bad apple" gun dealers.
Dozens of protestors and advocates joined with members of the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence outside Chuck's Gun Shop in south suburban Riverdale. They say Chuck's is one of the "bad apples" responsible for selling guns used in crimes.
The fact that an equal number of pro-rights activists were there isn't even mentioned until the end of the article and it is quickly followed up by more anti-gun talking points.

Looking at the longer term effects, this 'protest' was actually counter-productive by the Bradys and Snuffy.  It showed just how weak the BC is by having to partner w/ 'D' list, local activists to get any sort of attendance. It's also going to get nothing but local coverage, quickly forgotten. This is their 'big' current push.

 On the other hand, Chuck's got a boost in business as quite a few of the NRA/ISRA/GSL etc. people went in and picked up supplies and ammo as well as seeing those members see first hand just what the anti-gun crowd is about 1st hand.

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dustydog said...

I suspect we'll eventually learn that Bloomberg was never really spending his own money, but was funneling government funds through a CRADA, or got some tax break for the amount spent on advoacy.