Sunday, May 11, 2014

Why Are Anti-Gun Fanatics So Violent?

Happy Mother's Day wishes from Mom's Demand Action supporters.

Some loving, caring human beings on the 1MMAGC FB page:

This is the kind of 'gunsense' that Shannon Watts is encouraging.

Update:  Shannon Watts tries to claim 'photoshop' just like Ladd Everitt did.


Sucks to be her though as he's an ardent 'liker' of anti-gun groups:

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kinginyellow said...

Oh dear Gawd..... Thats going to win some converts

Weer'd Beard said...

Funny how anti-gun activists constantly talk about threatening emails, calls, and comments, but our side PUBLISHES them.

Anonymous said...

The call for "common sense" gun legislation is a non starter until well after common sense returns to government.
Our benevolent govt has seized our founding documents which at one time restrained it to a small representative state. It has slowly and methodically turned our law into a farce to oppress We The People.